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Setup Full Marketing Email System with MailWizz + Postal SMTP
Setup Full Marketing Email System with MailWizz + Postal SMTP

Let’s build you a complete Email Marketing System using MailWizz and Postal SMTP. Hosting your own full marketing email system will enable you to eliminate monthly fees, message fees, or fees based on the number of email lists or subscribers you have. A complete email marketing system using MailWizz and Postal SMTP server will give you total control of your email sending; your data and contacts are saved with you and out of the reach of the spying third-party system. The system will improve your business performance and email deliverability and enables you to automate every aspect of your marketing effort.

Original price was: $200.00.Current price is: $97.00.

Estimated Delivery Date:
This service (Setup Full Marketing Email System with MailWizz + Postal SMTP) will take approximately five business days to be fully set up. If we experience any delay and cannot meet up with the five working days timeline, we will contact you with the phone number and email provided during checkout.

As a business owner or affiliate marketer that sends many emails monthly, building your marketing mailing system could be the best decision for your business. We will help you build and configure a complete email marketing and automation system to allow you complete freedom to send unlimited marketing and transactional emails. You can create campaigns and monitor your audience activities, behaviours, and performance, allowing you to optimize your sending and automate your marketing efforts without paying the expensive monthly fee.

What is Postal SMTP

Postal is an accessible, open-source mail server written in Ruby and JavaScript. It is a feature-rich mail server application that can be used as an alternative to Sendgrid, Mailchimp, Mailgun and other similar SMTP servers. It will enable you to send marketing and transactional emails to your clients and subscribers. Postal is a fully-featured open-source mail delivery platform for incoming & outgoing email. It gives you all the tools and features needed to own your complete mailing system. It is a fully-featured and advanced email delivery platform that enables you to send high-volume and unlimited emails to your business contact and subscribers from your own server.

Benefits of Using Postal SMTP 

SMTP servers are essential for emailing and can manage many emails simultaneously. Postal SMTP will enable you to send businesses and complex high-volume marketing or transactional emails without expensive monthly subscriptions to email marketing providers like Mailchimp. 

These are some benefits of using Postal SMTP as your email server: 

  • Postal SMTP servers allow you to scale emails and implement systems for sending many messages simultaneously. If you manage a newsletter or promotional emails, a Postal SMTP will improve your structure for bulk emailing.
  • Postal SMTP servers allow for the deliverability of safe and effective bulk emails. It enables your bulk emails to reach the inbox of your audience and subscribers. 
  • A Postal SMTP server will allow you to send and receive unlimited and high-volume emails without paying any third-party SMTP because it runs on your server.

What is MailWizz

MailWizz is a robust and advanced email marketing and delivery system that businesses, marketers and entrepreneurs can use to create email campaigns and send quality emails to their audiences. MailWizz comes packed with irresistible features that modern email marketing solutions can offer; it’s a self-hosted email marketing and lists management solution that allows you to create and manage your Email Lists, create marketing campaigns, monitor and analyzes results, and manage your sending servers. These great features come with a one-time fee of $79; you can buy Mailwizz script on Codecayon

Why Use MailWizz? 

Mailwizz offers the same luxuries other monthly subscription-based email marketing solutions such as Mailchimp offers. But with Mailwizz, you pay once, and that's all.

MailWizz is a good choice for sending unlimited email messaging, both transactional and marketing. Mailwizz flaunts impressive technology and features such as a List management tool, two-factor authentication, detailed sending reports, API integrations and monetization tools (You can turn your Mailwizz account into a SAAS platform by selling email marketing to clients for a monthly fee. Mailwizz is also GDPR compliant.

What will you get with our MailWizz and Postal SMTP Setup?

You will get a fully configured and functional complete email marketing system with Postal as the SMTP server and MialWizz as the email marketing and automation application with a 10/10 sending score. We will install MailWizz on your server and configure it with proper cron jobs; We will also install and configure the Postal SMTP server on your domain. If you have email lists, we will help you upload them to MailWizz and ensure MailWizz sends emails as it should before we hand over the system. 

Please note: This service is the installation and configuration of Postal SMTP as the SMTP server to send an email and MailWizz to manage your marketing email, nurture leads, create marketing campaigns, and monitor and analyze your audience. We are not responsible for any ongoing maintenance or support of the system after the delivery of the service.

Estimated Delivery Time: 5 days

Requirements for this Service:

  • Root access to a fresh VPS Machine with Ubuntu 20.0 or higher installed on it. You can get VPS hosting from HostingerHostgator, Contabo, or any other reliable hosting provider with port 25 Open.  
  • Domain name with access to DNS Management Zone.
  • New MailWizz Script from CodeCayon

If you have questions regarding this service, please get in touch with us at [email protected]