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Setup Mautic Marketing and Automation System
Setup Mautic Marketing and Automation System

Setting up Mautic marketing and automation system that will deliver and perform excellently well can be a difficult task. But our Mautic Marketing and Automation System setup service got you covered. We will deploy the system on your server and configure it with a cron job configuration ready to be linked with any SMTP server of your choice. With Mautic, you will improve your business performance and email deliverability and it will enable you to automate every aspect of your marketing effort without paying monthly bill for sending marketing or transactional emails to your clients, subscribers and associates.

Original price was: $99.00.Current price is: $50.00.

Estimated Delivery Date:
This service (Setup Mautic Marketing and Automation System) will take approximately five business days to be fully set up. If we experience any delay and cannot meet up with the five working days timeline, we will contact you with the phone number and email provided during checkout.

What is Mautic?

Mautic is an advanced open-source marketing automation software that gives you complete control over your marketing emails, landing pages, workflows, and the measures for your marketing activities. It automates getting and supporting leads from landing pages, forms, and contacts. It sends workflow emails, instant messages, notifications, and social network tracking and integrates with your website, CRM, and all the popular social media.

Mautic comes with cutting-edge features required from world-class marketing software like lead generation, campaign building, contact segmentation, email builder, A/B testing, page builder, lead nurturing, and more. With Mautic, you can boost your company sales, improve customer retention, and track all your business marketing activities.

Why Use Mautic?

Mautic is a cutting-edge email marketing and automation solution that helps in lead management and generation; it will help you nurture your leads and analyze their behaviour for targeting. Mautic helps you create a strong marketing strategy for your business. With Mautic, you can maintain a constant connection with your contacts using Emails, Text Messages, Social media, and Focus Items. You can Segment your contacts based on business requirements and personalize your marketing strategy for each segment. Create effective personalized campaigns to engage with your audience. You can also measure the efficiency of your marketing strategy across all platforms. 

What will you get with our Mautic Setup?

You will get a fully configured and functional Mautic marketing system on your server with cron job configuration. We will install Mautic on your server and configure it with a proper cron job; If you have email lists, we will help you upload them to Mautic and get your Mautic instance ready to send emails once connected with SMTP before we hand over the system. We will also help you integrate Mautic with your website, Google Analytics and Facebook so that you can monitor your leads across all platforms.

Please note: This service only includes Mautic installation and configuration. No SMTP server or email-delivering services are included. You will only get the Mautic instance deployed and configured on your server to manage your marketing email; nurture leads, create marketing campaigns, and monitor and analyze your audience. We are not responsible for any ongoing maintenance or support of the system after the service is delivered.

Estimated Delivery Time: 4 days

Requirements for Mautic Setup Service:

  • Root access to a fresh VPS Machine installed with Ubuntu 20.0 or higher. You can get VPS hosting from HostingerHostgator, Contabo, or any other reliable hosting provider with port 25 Open.  
  • Domain name with access to DNS Management Zone.

If you have questions regarding this service, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected].